Much better day

Thanks for all the nice comments everyone!
Today was a much better day. I got a 90% on my pharmacology quiz, and
my prayers were answered about my patient- she is a wonderful person! I
went in to say hi to her after class, and she was full of energy and
excited to be working with me tomorrow. She is only on a few
medications, which means a whole lot less work for me tonight!!
Also, I checked on my patient from last week. He is doing a lot better.
It was easier to understand him (maybe I’m just better at understanding
him- but hopefully it’s because he is improving), he seemed in good
spirits, and he said he was working hard with the physical therapist! I
really hope I run into him sometime in the future and he is of a
healthy weight, walking on his own, and happy about life.
Have I mentioned how wonderful my boyfriend is? If some of you think I
complain too much on my site, you should hear what he has to deal with!
Last Monday, the message I left on his voicemail went something
like:  "*Sob, sobb, sobbb, snort*, Hey, *snort*, Mike.  I
really need *sobb sobb sobbb* a pep *sobb* talk." LOL.. poor guy! He
actually did call me back as soon as he could. I probably would have
pretended like I never got that message if I were him. He works
designing recording studios and home theaters all day (poor thing,
sounds awful, huh?!) But he is studying for his architecture licensing
exam (at least he should be), so he understands the stress I am
constantly under. It’s great to have so many supportive people in my

2 thoughts on “Much better day

  1. Good job on your exam! (applause) Woo-hoo!!!(more applause) You don\’t complain…you VENT – and we ALL do that!! I\’m glad Mike is such a good guy. Makes the "crap" in life more bearable.

  2. Congratulations on the exam!! I am proud of you and know that you worked hard for it. I am glad that you had a much better day… I hope mine are coming.Kay

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