Attack of the birds

My cats, Isis and Skitz, are indoor cats, but on occasion, I will sit
outside with them. About a month ago, we were all sitting outside when
I saw a large flock of geese in the distance. They were getting lower
& lower, and it looked like they were going to land just past the
patio. As they were swooping down, I thought, "I’m going to get crapped
on!" All the sudden, I heard the sound of something hitting the
pavement. This is it, I’m going to be covered in bird doo. I looked up,
and my cats were both pressed up against the screen door. Isis was
higher up than Skitz, and was holding herself up by being between the
outside sliding door and the inner screen door. Skitz was below her,
jumping into the screen. The poor things were scared to death of the
birds! The sound I heard was my cats claws as they raced across the
patio & dove into the closed screen. I looked at the ground and
there were two trails of urine, one from where each cat had been
sitting, reaching all the way to the door. On the kitchen floor there
was also a nice little puddle of Isis’s urine. My mom came running and
opened the door for them, and I have never seen them run as fast as
they did through the house to hide in my closet. The screen door was
ripped from Isis’s back claws, and the urine inside was a pain to clean
up (there was a wood border on the ground that it soaked into). This
gets better though. When I went to comfort Skitz, I noticed an awful
smell. I looked closely at him, and noticed that the top of his head
was all wet. Isis had peed on Skitz while she was up on the screen! So,
after Skitz suffered through the attack of the birds, he had to have a
bath, which is never a fun thing for cat owners.
The cats stayed
inside for a few days, but they are back to wanting out whenever I will
let them. Yesterday, I was sitting outside with Isis, when all of the
sudden she got low to the ground and ran towards the door. Thankfully,
the outside door was closed, so we didn’t have to deal with another
ripped screen. What scared her so much? Bub the squirrel wasn’t yelling
at her, and I didn’t see any birds… I looked again and saw that the
leaves were blowing in the wind. Wow. She has really developed a phobia
if she is now scared of leaves!! I don’t see how anyone could hate
cats. They just make life so interesting!

Finals start on Monday, so I am scrambling trying to find ways to avoid studying. One of my favorite blogs, Man oh Manny, was featured on Best of MSN, so I thought I would post a cat story in honor of Manny (and to give me an excuse not to study):
Poor Skitzo
One day, Skitzo met a beautiful girl.

But Skitzo made her mad by checking out the girls outside.

So the girl left him for Isis.

Skitzo got jealous and fought with Isis, but the girl did not come back.

Skitzo looked everywhere for the girl.

 Isis even helped him look for her.

When he finally found the girl, he tried to talk to her and say sorry.

But the girl said she no longer loved Skitzo.

So he ate her.

And fell in love with Isis instead.

Until Isis saw Manny’s website, and left Skitzo for Manny.


So poor Skitzo was left alone and depressed.



13 thoughts on “Attack of the birds

  1. Thank you for your regards for my sister in law. Cats are so funny to watch. We have Miss Kitty, a all white cat who loves living on the boat. But all others MUST KNOW she is the princess of the boat and none may enter with permission.

  2. I have 4 that allow me to live with them. Only one likes to go outside. But he is a weeny when it comes down to it. A loud noise sends him into fits, and while he has never peed any where, he\’s just about received a concussion trying to get back inside!I have added you to my blog list. Hope you don\’t mind.S.~

  3. OH MY GOSH! How FUNNY! Our cats growing up were always indoor cats… I don\’t think any of them would have urinated because of birds! I also wanted to tell you how sorry I am that you\’ve got a long-distance relationship… I did that ONE time and that was IT! It\’s gotta be hard to be apart. 🙂 Congrats on your pharmacology quiz!! 🙂

  4. Oh that\’s hillarious! My cat\’s have never ran from birds…usually they just do that wierd "cawing" sound at them. Of course the biggest flock they have ever seen (close up)was quail..and they were running on the grass. Poor Skitz, urinated upon , and a bath too! AWWW poor kitty.

  5. poor kitties, they were trying to escape the potential Geese droppings and Skitz still gets nailed by Isis! —————– ^. .^ ————————————

  6. At the end of this message you say, "I don\’t see how anyone could hate cats." Well I do. Between the puke and pee in the house, and skitzo hissing and laying right in the middle of hallways and thekitchen floor I am completely justified. No too mention all the cat hair and when they walk on your pillow after being in the litter box. And to the readers out there, yes this is the boyfriend and yes I will be scolded for this post!…I love you honey.

  7. Poor kitties! I can\’t believe there\’s another animal lover out there who named their kitty Skitzo. I named my Skitzo that because when she was a kitten, she would trip out – it was hysterical. I figured she was hearing voices, etc. The name lasted for about 11 years until I met my boyfriend and he decided her name should be Dakota. Oddly enough, she mellowed out after her name change! Would love to know why you named yours Skitzo…………. 🙂

  8. Haha that is hilarious… My parents used to have these evil, horrible, nasty, vicious geese in the back garden (Brit-speak for back yard I guess) and our 2 cats were justifiably petrified of them. These geese could draw blood and the cats didn\’t stand a chance… Guess Skitzo and Isis had totally sussed out that geese are evil, smart animals! Anyway, love your blog, great read and lots of chuckles!

  9. OMGoodness that is too cute! Love the story! I have a gray cat, also, and I used to have a lovely calico also! Good taste in cats! lol… ~Sierra

  10. LOL! I wonder if nursing is the right profession for you…perhaps humor writing is better. You could make the "dolla billz"!On a serious note, love the blog. You\’re hilarious! I think you\’re going to make your patients WANT to be sick so they can hang with you. :-)Good luck with everything! I have some nurse friends and hear it\’s certainly not for the faint or weak-hearted.

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