Someone left me this comment:
"why DO you want to be a nurse?? are there really no jobs for a Psych major?
is it a form of self punishment? If you are consciously grossed out doesn’t that ‘vibe’ get picked up by the patient?
know more nursing students that are sqeamish about the human body and
yet continue to persue an education that makes them suffer and cry–yet
they go back for more- some because they want to be seen as ‘good’,
caring, women. Doesn’t psychiatry call this masochism?"

This made me realize that I must not be doing a good enough job of
letting you guys know that I do love what I am doing, it just gets hard
at times. I use this site to release my stress about my days because it
is a whole lot cheaper than seeing a therapist! (MuMo, I believe you
call this "Blexcrementing")
Sometimes I start an entry out extremely angry, and by the time I am
halfway through, I start seeing the good in what happened, and I have
to delete the whole thing and start over with a better attitude. I’ll
admit, there are days I really want to quit. But there are other days,
such as the day my patient pushed himself farther than he knew
possible, that I can’t imagine doing anything else. And on those days
when I want to cry or leave for good, I look at my patients, and how
the other nurses come into the room, do exactly what they are supposed
to do, and then leave. A good example is my patient from last week. The
nurses didn’t talk to him, encourage him, or take the time to see the
good in him. But I did. Because I care. Yes I do get grossed out by the
physical stuff at times, but the mental stuff? The part of nursing I
honestly consider the most important? I think I am right there with the
best of them, and I won’t let anyone convince me otherwise. So I am
exactly where I need to be, not because I am a masochist, but because
my patients now, and in the future, need me.


7 thoughts on “Comment

  1. Helping others is a noble calling. Carlos Castenda once wrote "All paths are the same, leading nowhere. Therefore, pick a path with heart!" By doing soemthing you love, you have a chosen a path with heart. Good wishes on yourjourney.

  2. It is too bad that you could not have pursued your first love…psychology…It sounds like you would be a great asset to some sort of support group, like for abused children or women…or something where you feel like your human kindness can make a difference to someone…I am sure that in nursing you will be a great asset too…Whatever you end up doing, your kindness will shine through and touch lives…I can feel it and I don\’t even know you!

  3. i\’m actually just a part time rep but it\’s fun to see women actually letting go of some inhibitions. my day job is an admin assistant. it sucks. data entry is the devil\’s work :)i went to a little state school called Edinboro Univ. of PA. it was nice. I learned a lot. It\’s a damn shame i can\’t use it. 😦 it\’s very frustrating. but when people meet me they\’re always afraid i\’m assessing them. do you get that alot? 🙂

  4. Hi! I just have to say that I have a grandmother who is in the advanced stages of Alheizmers (spelling?) and although she knows who my daughters are, there are days when she has no idea who I am. I\’ve had to take her to the bathroom a few times (only a few, thank goodness) and that in and of itself is hard. I can\’t imagine what you must go through on a daily basis and the simple courage it takes for you to face it on a daily basis. Hang in there. I can tell from your entries that you\’re going to be an incredible nurse. I\’ve had two c-sections and there is no way I would have gotten though them the way I did without my nurses. A nurse\’s attitude makes SUCH a big difference between having the hospital experience be bearble (as one can be) or so horrible that three years later you\’re still talking about what a horrible nurse you had!

  5. Okay, I\’ve tried three times now to write you this comment and it keeps getting deleted half way through it! Weird…I\’ll keep it simple…Thank you for what you said in your comment on my space. I loved that Deuteronomy comeback and will remember it.I love your space. I will definitely be back.Joy to you.Jaime.

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