Katie World cast & crew

Since I talk about my classmates & friends so much, I thought I’d introduce them to you:

The cast:
Janet ~ The motherly figure of the group. Always smiling, even when she is upset and near tears. Once raised her hand in class to annouce that after listening to her child’s music, she was surprised to hear that some people actually appreciate her "junk in the trunk".

Autumn ~ The most compassionate human being I have ever met. I stood there in awe watching her comfort a psychotic man who was in restraints. She acted like she was comforting a crying baby, not a grown man in diapers who could possibly hurt her if he wanted to. I hope to learn a lot from her.

Josh~ The one guy in the group. Always keeps his cool when I come running to him, begging him to come help me clean all the poop off my patient. He doesn’t even seem annoyed by it. If I were him, I would run the opposite direction everytime I saw me, but he is always eager to help. I owe him a lot!

Danielle ~ Without her, I would not be in nursing school right now. She is the one I call whenever I am having one of my breakdowns, and she always calms me down and convinces me not to give up. Studies way too much, but is smarter than all the rest of us because of it. Always eager to help, especially when I have that deer-in-the-headlights look. She knows exactly what to do- and how to deal with me in these situations.

Rachel ~ Such a sweetheart. Without her encouragement & willingness to let me vent, I definitely would have had at least two dozen more breakdowns. We carpool together when we can, and I really enjoy spending time with her. She is also in a long distance relationship, and understands what I am going through.

Trisha ~ The expert of the group. Always seems to know what to do, and gives off the impression she has done everything many times before (even when she hasn’t). Having her around helps me become more confident.

Susan ~ The storyteller. She has a great story for us no matter what the situation. Always saying, "That reminds me of the time…"

Dianne ~ Our clinical instructor. Very friendly and encouraging.


The Crew- Not in my clinical group, but have a huge impact on my life:
Natalie ~ My good friend and my lab partner for the first several months of school. Her sense of humor helped me get through a lot of potentially awkward situations, such as the time we had to give each other bed baths after knowing each other for less than a week.

Mike ~ The boyfriend. He lives in Dallas, and I really miss him. Very sexy, great sense of humor, an amazing person. But he doesn’t like my cats!! Thankfully, when we first started dating, I told him the cats would always come first. Ha, you thought I was kidding babe!

Jocelyn ~ Amazingly beautiful girl. I have been best friends w/ her since sophmore year of college. We have fun no matter what we are doing, and she is an inspiring person. Her younger brother is in Iraq right now, so she is going through some hard times.

Joo Ok ~ The other best friend, who I have known since high school (should that have been "whom" Joo Ok?). Lives in Chicago and is studying for her masters in English. When she talks about the books she is reading, it sounds like she is speaking a foreign language. I guess they are all way over my head. A wonderful person, and I wish I got to see her more often.

John ~    John is a great guy, and his jokes & sarcasm  help me deal with all the crap our school throws at us. He’s one of the people I look forward to seeing every week.

Steve ~ Another college friend who now lives in Chicago. A wonderful writer, and one day I’m sure he will have a job working for Leno or Conan. When he starts updating his site again, I will post the link to it. I’m sure you’ll love it.

Iggy ~ We met freshman year of college. He is almost 7 feet tall (so he hovers just a few inches above me), and is one of the sweetest guys I have ever met. Unfortunatley, he is from Chile, so I haven’t seen him in a few years.

My family ~ Very loving and supportive. My dad was a pediatrician, so he is able to help me with my homework when I need it. My mom is always there for me when I need someone to talk to. My sister, Mary, is also a nursing student, so she completely understands me! Michael is always able to crack me up. Chris made the mistake of going to K-State (Go KU!!), but I still love him. He is the genius of the family, and always willing to "unfreeze" my stupid computer. Pat, the oldest, passed the Bar exam and acted like it was no big deal. Crazy boy! He is now at NYU in their masters of tax law program.

You guys ~ All the people who read my blog & whose blogs I visit. Being able to escape my own life for awhile and see what everyone else is going through really helps me put things into perspective. And the wonderful comments you leave really help cheer me up. Thanks!


11 thoughts on “Katie World cast & crew

  1. What a great blog this is! I should have read before posting the first comment! I have a definition for that but I forget what it is…LOLOL!!!

  2. LOL @ making your boy friend read my blog LOL I have a friend that has Nick named my husband Mr. P , P for perfect LOL I have to remind every one it is definitely a 2 way street I do as much for him as he does for me!

  3. Thanks for the advice about the headache med. I will try that. I will try just about anything at this point, I\’m tired of having a headache. Also, thanks for stopping by hope to see you stop by more often.

  4. You seem to find something good in everyone, and appreciate it. Only in giving, as you clearly do, can one be truly content. What a sweetie you are! ~Jane~

  5. Gee, now I feel like I actually KNOW these people. You do a WONDERFUL job desribing all of them…even me, in the "you guys" LOL But seroiusly, I LOVE your blog & look forward to reading it each day!

  6. Yes, punk, I did list Natalie first. But that is because she is involved in my nursing school, and because you won\’t even let me practice IV\’s on you (not even when you are sleeping) I thought she deserved to go ahead of you on the "nursing school" list. Show me those veins and I\’ll switch the order!! 🙂

  7. hi, i have just recently been excepted into nursing school for practical nursing in january. its a 12 month program. over 500 students applied for the program, took the net test, wrote 2 essays, and had a interview with the nurse adminstrator and only 56 students were excepted and i was one of them. i am very excited.

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