My encounter with Super Man

There is a bridge in downtown KCMO that is going to be picked up and
moved across the city. My parents wanted to go check the it out, so I
went with them today. When we got to the old bridge, there were three
old men walking across it taking pictures. When we got close to them, I
noticed that one of them was wearing what appeared to be bright blue
spandex pants and a large belt. He walked over to ask us to take a
picture of him with his friends, and to my surprise, the spandex pants
were a little too small, and he was wearing a thong. Not leaving much
to the imagination!! He was also wearing a weight lifter belt. I could
not figure out why he would be wearing such a get-up in public, then I
realized that it was probably his grandson’s Superman costume. How
adorable!! When I am 80 years old and I feel like wearing a child’s
Halloween costume out in public, I am going to do just that! Why would
it matter what people thought? I talked to the man for a few minutes,
and he was one of the sweetest people I’ve met in a long time. I took a
picture of him with my mom’s non-digital camera (yes, they do still
exist), so when they get developed in a few months or years, I will try
to scan the picture in for you guys. I’m sure you will agree that he is
absolutely adorable.

3 thoughts on “My encounter with Super Man

  1. Thanks for the feed back, we just moved here from california and always went to pow wows there. So this pow wow was a great relief. We are going to like living here in Texas after all. Your kitty is cute. Ruth

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