Stop and think

Have you ever had a crush on someone you really wish you could get
over? And yet for some reason, your heart still flutters every time you
think of that person. You try over & over to forget about them, but
you quickly learn that you cannot choose who you like. It is not a
conscious decision- there is no switch you can just turn on and off. I
do not know a single person who has not experienced this at some point
in their life. And yet I do know several people who think that
homosexuals can choose who they like. If you can’t decide, why do you
expect them to be able to? If you lived in a society where being
heterosexual was considered a sin, could you easily just become a
homosexual? Probably not. I sure couldn’t. Just something I wish people
would think about before they go around saying that gay people can’t go
to Heaven. What gets me even more upset is when people quote bible
verses "proving" that homosexuality is wrong.. I love their reaction
when I ask them if they believe a woman should be stoned to death if
her husband thinks she was not a virgin when they were married. Or if
they think people will go to hell for wearing a garment with mixed
fibers. Their answer is always "no". I then show them Deuteronomy
22:11-21. Why do they get to pick and choose which parts of the Bible
to hold against people? Why don’t we all just stop deciding who is and
who isn’t getting into Heaven and leave that up to God? Well, except
for those stupid drivers who cut in front of me from the exit lane. I
do remember reading about that in Katie15:74, and there is no hope for
those guys.

2 thoughts on “Stop and think

  1. You could at least respect them a little more if they were CONSISTENT in their belief, true? Not necessarily liking them any more, but more respect! I\’m afraid I have trouble with people who try to apply their codes to other peoples behavior! No, I\’m not gay, but if someone is, that\’s their life and not mine and it certainly doesn\’t hurt me, so what\’s the harm? If it somehow turns out to be a horrible sin, then it\’s theirs, not mine! I\’m not gonna do anything to make their life any harder than it already is because there are enough @sses out there. Oh well, rail on there because the lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for!

  2. I totally agree with you! I absolutely hate it when people start quoting the Bible to prove thier point…only when its convenient to them of course. I see we\’re on the same page here.

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