Nursing home withdrawal

It’s been almost a week since I’ve had anyone come up to me with a huge
grin on their face and say, "I just had a huge bowel movement!" Come on
people, where’s the pride?!?!   LOL… I’m just kidding.
Please don’t post any comments about your bowel movements.

3 thoughts on “Nursing home withdrawal

  1. Hi!Thanks for your comment. I didn\’t mean to sound so down and out on that blog entry but it was just one of those days where I felt like bleh. I remember when I first started to work in a hospital setting. The closer I got to the entrance, the more I wanted to run the other way. But I didn\’t. Now, I can\’t think of working anywhere else. Yeah, there are days I feel I want to do something else but when I think about it, I really don\’t. Now about being nervous. It is all part of the road to becoming a nurse. You can never really take that feeling away. Even after all these years, I myself still get nervous when I go to work. I helps keep me on my toes, I guess. I\’ve heard the Med-Surg nurses say Telemetry is a hard unit. ICU nurses abhor our unit. They don\’t handle the workload well. Next to ER, it is one of the busiest. I myself prefer working on this unit than anywhere else. My i-pod is my bestfriend. It helps me relax. Find whatever it is that helps you unwind. In this field you will need it.I don\’t know how it is with other states but here in California, we have our staffing ratios, which in my opinion is a lifesaver. It limits the number of patients a nurse can safely have in a particular unit. It keeps the nurse from getting spread too thinly that she/he is unable to accurately assess and provide good nursing care to the patients.Have faith in yourself and your training. With good preceptorship, you will do fine. Most of all, be empathic towards your patients. Even if you are super busy, take the time to talk and listen to them. It makes a world of difference. Good luck and do keep me updated.Gigi

  2. Thanks so much for your support! Even though it\’s strange to get it from people I don\’t know, it\’s nice to know that there are good thoughts coming my way.Bri*

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