You have how many siblings?!

During school screenings today, I asked my 8th grader how many siblings
he had. He thought for a moment and said, "I have too many to count.
They are all over the place. I probably haven’t even met them all."
What?! Uhh… interesting family!! I tried to play this off like I
wasn’t shocked, and then changed the subject. A few minutes later, it
hit me- he doesn’t know what sibling means. So I asked him how many
brothers and sisters he had. "Three." LOL… he thought sibling meant
extended family, and his mom just got remarried.  Mental note:
always make sure your patients understand exactly what you are saying!!!

7 thoughts on “You have how many siblings?!

  1. Smart thinking to ditch any downhill attempts at roller-blading. 🙂 I had a good laugh over your siblings experience. When I was little, I went camping with my family and had a good chat with some new friends in the parking lot. They were with their "step-family" and asked if I had any step-sisters or brothers. Now, my only exposure to step-family was in Cinderella and I just thought that meant MEAN people. And so I told her I had two step brothers, a step-father and a step-mother. That\’s quite the list. 🙂

  2. lol. My husband, a cop also, asked a drunk guy "are you intoxicated?" The guy replied "No, I\’m Josh!" Had he not been drunk, he might\’ve know what intoxicated meant…

  3. And the good thing is that you are young as you realize this… so am I, but it still is quite important to know how to communicate and how to listen…You are off to a great start!Mark

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