NCLEX survey

One of the most common search terms that leads to my site is "Number of people who fail NCLEX with 75 questions". I remember leaving the testing center knowing that I had failed. Apparently, this is how everyone feels after the test- it doesn’t matter if they had 75 questions or 265 questions. So, I would like to ask all of you who come across this after taking your exam- how many questions did you have, and did you pass?

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13 thoughts on “NCLEX survey

  1. I had 75 questions…did the Pearson Vue trick so I don’t know for sure if I passed or failed. I feel like I din’t know anything on the whole test. You said you knew 2 answers, felt like I knew 0. And I had like 15 “check all that apply” questions. I’m freaking out. In CA you have to wait 4 days to find out if you passed.

    • Okay I had the bad pop up. I have cried my lungs out. I can remember a couple questions. But do u still recieve another survey.

  2. I had 190 questions on my first attempt and failed. My second attempt consisted of 265 questions and I failed again. I was near the passing standard in every category except one in which I was below the passing standard. I won’t give up and will try again in 45 days! Pray for me and wish me luck!

  3. I just took the test today and I am so scared.

    I expected to get more than 75 questions, so when the computer shut off at 75 I was devastated. My heart immediately started racing and I panicked. Of course I had to do that LAME survey at the end. Totally stupid!

    I tried the Pearson Vue trick and it says, “Our records indicate that you recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time.” But from what I’ve read, it can still go either way. I believe I will find out on Friday whether or not I passed.

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