Cute kids

We did school health screenings today, and I worked with two of the
cutest kindergartners I have ever seen. We had to ask them questions
about wearing bike helmets, seatbelts, fire safety, their diet; all
sorts of fun stuff. When I asked the first kid about wearing his
seatbelt, he perked up, held up his finger as if scolding me, and
shouted "CLICK IT OR TICKET!!" How cute! I asked how long he rides his
bike for, and he responded "under one minute"- I guess that’s how long
until he falls? LOL 
During the vision test, we have the kids cover one of their eyes with a
cup so it is hard for them to cheat. I watched my friend Colin testing
his student, and after testing both eyes individually, he tried to get
her to use both eyes for the test. Apparently she didn’t understand,
because I saw her standing there with the cup between both her eyes
trying to read the chart.
While talking to my second student today, I asked him if his teeth hurt
when he eats. He said ‘no’. I then looked in his mouth and saw that two
of his teeth were so infected that all that was left was a small brown
stub, and four other teeth had huge holes in them and you could see
down to the root. OUCH!! I asked him again if it hurts to eat, and
knowing he was caught, he said that it hurt really bad. Maybe this
explains why his weight is below the 25th percentile? Poor thing. I
really hope his parents go against the trend and actually do something
about his teeth. The problem is that their parents all think that
because these are baby teeth, it’s ok to let them corrode away. Healthy
new ones will grow in, then they will take care of those, right? Wrong.
These teeth get so bad that they can actually hurt the new ones coming
in. Plus, these poor kids have to be in so much pain!! I’ve had a
not-even-visible to the naked eye cavity, and I remember how bad that

Working with children is such a relief after being in the nursing home
for a few days. At least I’m starting to cross potential areas off my
list for future work.


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